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Including your other calendars on Four Gamers calendar.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:07 pm
by Andres
Hi Al,

So I wrote a nice post about adding / importing a calendar into the Google Apps calendar, didn't save it, then Firefox crashed and ate it. Damned Mozilla Corp, I want a refund!

Anyway, it's possible to add in other Google / Gmail calendars to your one on the Four Gamers calendar - "Add" underneath the "Other Calendars" box on the left-hand side. I imported mine from Gmail and added a test item on 11 June "Test event from preater [--at--] calendar". I think these imported calendars are private by default so you may have to set up sharing before we can see them - you should be able to see mine.

It's also possible to include remote iCal calendars. I've put in my events (e.g. 28 June Deerhoof gig) and Durham University term dates as examples. These are less flexible as, of course, they're read-only.



Edit: just to be extra confusing, I said the gig via was on 28 July, in fact it is 28 June. Also, my poor uptime!