Codex Nids

Codex Nids

Postby Andy T » Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:32 pm

Well I bought the codex a couple of days ago and over all I'm very happy with it it's 96 page over 65 page for the old one, the typical scenario has followed with the codex as with recent codexs....troops have got cheaper....characters have got more expensive.

Hormagaunts - have dropped to 6pts each almost half, but have lost alot and I mean alot of their speed. They fleet using 3D6 picking the highest, but are no longer beasts and hence assault the usual 6", they've also dropped to WS3 but increased to I5, they retain a single set of scything talons allowing them to re-roll misses in CC on any roll of 1. They can be given toxin sacs for +2pts meaning they always wound on 4+ and/or adrenal glands for +2pts giving them furious charge. I'll miss my 30" charge...not convinced at a 18" charge.

Termagants - I'm a little disappointed at their drop in pts from 6 to 5, they've lost their ability to fleet. Plus spinegaunts have increased from 5 to I pay 1pts extra to have my S4 weapon turned into S3 weapons admittedly twin-lined:
Spinefist (S3):
Likelyhood of hitting = 75% ((1 x 0.5) + (0.5 x 0.5)) (Normal to hit + Twin linked)
Likelyhood of hitting and wounding a: T5 Model = 75/6=12.5%, T4 Model = 75/3=25%, T3 Model = 75/2=37.5%, T2 Model = 75/.666=50%
Fleshborer (S4):
Likelyhood of hitting = 50%
Likelyhood of hitting and wounding a: T5 Model = 50/3=16.66%, T4 Model = 50/2=25%, T3 Model = 50x0.666=33.33%, T2 Model = ((50/6)x5)=41.6%
With these stats I think I'd prefer to save the pts, plus S4 weapons can damage vehicles.

Gargoyles - There 6 pts, 1 pts more than a termagants have exactly the same stats but are jump infantry and also have "blinding venom" rolls to hit on 6 in CC autowound. Bet there cheap as GW want to sell there lovely new plastic minitures.

Genestealers - Have dropped 2pts but can no longer be given 4+ armour.

Ripper swarms - Same points but crappier.

Carnifex - 160pts SW3 S9 now and can't be given 2+ armour, same Carnifex priced up previously 101pts.

Hive Tyrant - 170pts WS8 BS3, would be priced at 114pts admittably only WS6 but otherwise the same.

Tyrant Guard - 60 pts from 45pts but same stats

Warriors - 30pts basic with Devourer and Scything talons have 3 wounds and 4+ armour S4 I4 A3 (Not immune to instant death), same points as old warriors.

Lictor - 65pts dropped 15pts have 3 wounds, deploy like Marbo (Imp guard) which means he can't charge upon first appearing, also now only +1 to cover not +2.

Anyway that's my review on some of the main models within the codex, overall I'm very happy with the new codex, just the price increase on the Hive Tyrant and Carnifex is a little much IMO.
Andy T
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Re: Codex Nids

Postby Dalaq » Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:17 pm

So your swarm can now be a bit bigger but takes longer to scuttle across the board then?
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Re: Codex Nids

Postby Andy T » Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:59 am

Pretty much just the Hormagaunts are the slower ones, you see my old tactic was to race the Hormagaunts across the table, they typically run out of Synapse range, but by being in CC they block lines of sight and tie up front line troops in CC. It typically meant you only had 1 round of shouting to stop the Hormagaunts, now I reckon you'll have between 1 and 2. I'm sure Al will like the new slower Hormagaunts.
Andy T
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Re: Codex Nids

Postby big al » Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:51 pm

No more first turn charges for Hormogaunts.... my soul weeps ;)
big al
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Re: Codex Nids

Postby Andy T » Tue Jan 26, 2010 3:31 pm

Actually a little supprised to hear you say that Al thought you'd be rejoicing.
Andy T
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