Quick whine - Apocalypse

Quick whine - Apocalypse

Postby Andy T » Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:42 pm

GW have posted lots of datasheets now for Apoc:
http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/conte ... Id=3400020

Interestingly enough there is a datasheet for the Emperor Battle Titan, which who in the right mind would:
1: Want to play with
2: Have space to play with - Maximum range weapons of 540" (13.5m) seriously!!!!
3: Have the actual time required to play a game of such size which such a model could be used
4: Can be bothered modelling a model of such size, I doubt GW will ever release a plastic model, and I dare say only the rich could afford one from forgeworld if they decided to model one.
5: and so on....

Anyway my point if your still reading, when are they going to release Gargant rules. Rules which would be of some benefit, to me at least.

Next game AL i want to see this model in action!!! but you must model one first.

p.s - nice to see GW still proof reading like always (Doomstrike missile launcher - states in main rules 10 shot, and then later only 5 shots)
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