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Fat Lad asks

Wish me luck. Mountain Mayhem 2017. I’ve trained as much as life, family, real life and running your own business has allowed. I’ve trained hard and made sacrifices. I’ve not trained enough and I know deep down I could have sacrificed more. I’m doing this because I can. When it gets hard and I don’t […]

Fat Lad Chooses

It’s been a tough week. Emotions have run high. There’s been fact and counter fact. It’s set friend against friend. But amongst all this turmoil a decision was made. My mind wont be altered. I may lose some close to me but in the end it will be worth it… I’m staying on flat pedals. […]

Fat Lad and the Demon Logging Tool

Now if the title of this little post has got you all excited for tales of devil infested chainsaws or demon axes then I’m sorry to disappoint. Well only a little bit sorry. I mean I do this for nothing you know. Could it kill you to be just a little bit appreciative? You can’t […]

Fat Lad’s Turn

Jenn was a bright shining star that flitted in and out of my life like a incandescent swift. I first ‘met’ her at Sleepless in the Saddle 2006. “Getting within striking distance of the timing tent I heard the all too familiar “on your right” and as I wandered over to let the rider past […]

Fat Lad is Overtaken

This telling has two starts. Firstly with a borrowed Saracen MaxTrax. Heart of hearts I think she only rode it to humour me. This woman has always been way out of my league so any thoughts of her trying to impress me should be banished right now. That first ride out in the Scottish highlands […]

Fat Lad the Conductor

An early Autumn ride, the poor weather not enough to dampen the spirits of the riders brave enough to still venture trailwards. The hollow slam of boot doors and the pre ride excitement chatter charges the evening air. Out of the car park the consistent whir of knobblies on tarmac give way to the sighs […]

Fat Lad’s Turf

‘It wouldn’t be a Morley ride without dog shit, nettles and mud…’ an anonymous local rider. It starts with tarmac, it  has to round here. Down the hill wind creating streaming eyes. Sharp left round the gate onto dirt. Broken glass, under-age outdoor drinking kids anti motorbike gates and onto the flowing stuff that leads […]

Fat Lad: Things Change

Life changes. Life gets complicated. Life starts. The circles and cycles change. Metaphorical and literal. I was blessed ten years ago to meet life long friends. They ride bikes. I ride bikes. Companionship cemented. Life changes. Life gets complicated. A full life and now; fulfilling. Customers, riding companions, new friends. A welcome evolution. Life changes. […]

Mrs Fat Lad is Fighting Back

I am broken….. 6 weeks and 3 days ago I tumbled off my bike breaking my collar bone and damaging my elbow and shoulder at the same time. Sat in A&E I was not a happy chappy, in fact my mood got worse when the doctors started saying things like I wouldn’t be riding again […]

Fat Lad Has a Minute

I think this is a shared phenomenon regardless of riding discipline chosen. The moment where, if only in your head, you are a riding god. A muddy rock strewn 5 yard stretch of trickiness. Everything went right. Perfect line choice, roll in roll out huge grin. A few seconds of sheer joy. Worth every minute […]