Fat Lad and the Demon Logging Tool

Now if the title of this little post has got you all excited for tales of devil infested chainsaws or demon axes then I’m sorry to disappoint. Well only a little bit sorry. I mean I do this for nothing you know. Could it kill you to be just a little bit appreciative? You can’t swing by here expecting blood curdling stories of killing sprees by forestry devices can you now? Right now we’ve cleared that up I’ll begin.


Good old Strava.

I hate it.

Hate is a really strong word but, yep, I hate it. I used to use it many moons ago in it’s earliest days. It had promise. Then, like most technology the public got hold of it and ruined it. It’s not Strava’s fault I suppose but I like an easy faceless target that can’t really fight back. *ahem*

“What do you dislike so much about it Al?” I hear no one disinterestedly cry. It’s not the tech. The old geek in me loves all of that. It’s what it’s done to certain folk. There’s always *that* guy who has to be the first up the climb and fastest on the descents. The sort of guy who will cut lines and cut trees down to own the KOM on that section. Strava has legitimised all that now. People who should know better getting all worked up about someone they don’t know and have never ridden with.

Chill. The. Fuck. Out.

However… It is the most widely used website for sharing routes and data. So from Sunday gone until Mayhem 2017 I’ll be logging my rides there if you want to have a nosey at what I’m up to. Then post Mayhem I will gleefully take it from my life again and wonder no more about where I am on a sodding segment.

Fat Lad


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