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RWC#2: Fat Lad keeps It Real…

Riders Writing Cycle: ghettoisation of riders: for the mtb’ers trail centres, the perfect answer to all weather all year riding or the macdonalds of off roading? for our road/commuters: dedicated bike lanes protecting you from cagers or traeting cyclist as 2nd class road users? The mass trespass of Kinder Scout was a notable act of […]

RWC#3: Fat Lad and the Seven Deadly Sins of Cycling

Garth poised this weeks consideration for us… Lust I think I’m as guilty of this as any recreational cyclist out there. Always on the lookout for the new and shiny. To be honest I’m not as bad of some and I rarely fall for marketing spiel. Buying my last bike entailed many readings in print […]

RWC#1: Fat Lad and The Cattle Prod of Inspiration

Solo rides – roll out with your buddies or destroy those miles alone…. I’ve always been what you might call a social rider. My very