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Fat Lad Enjoys Another Man’s Ride*

*Alternatively, Fat Lad: It’s not about the bike… Far far too long ago now, my beloved Elvis cracked. A nasty seatpost weld fail took it to the great bike scrapheap in the sky. In the two years we shared together we’ve done some serious hills both up and down I’ll miss you my mistress… Phew, […]

Fat Lad Rides The Colne Valley Mountain Bike Challenge*

* or alternatively “You’ve come a long way Fat Lad” Colne Valley Mountain Bike Challenge With a very large bowl of porridge washed down with a hot cup of tea I managed to just about leave the house on time with the car loaded up for the short journey to Golcar for my first go […]

Fat Lad Rides the Kepwick Killer

With the end of February rapidly approaching I’d not got a ride planned for the “not-a-new-years-resolution-honest” big ride a month. Local legend and all round nice chap Ackworth Dave stepped in and volunteered to lead us astray round the hills on the North Yorkshire moors. So 28th February arrived and so did quite-fit-for-the-new-guy¬† JT with […]

Fat Lad’s Big Day In The Dales

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, why make up something to stick to and give up in January when I can have unfeasibly poor willpower all year round. So most of the Winter so far (august to present it would seem) I’ve been saying to any poor soul in riding earshot that I’m […]