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Fat Lad’s Tweet Rides – June: @BadlyWiredDog’s Top Secret Twitter Ride

Junes virtual shout out for riding companion was answered by BadlyWiredDog AKA Jon. As far as I can tell, as I don’t have any vetenary or electrical qualifications, he has neither loose connections or any canine credentials.  I drove back over to Hayfield where Outdoors Photographer and all round nice chap Richpips had guided us […]

Fat Lad’s Tweet Rides – May: @RichStwit’s Rock’n’Roller

If these Tweetup rides are to teach me anything I think the main learning point will be the non-epiphanical that, no really, I couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. I had originally supposed to be riding with Si over at Gisburn the week before, LINK however we managed to miss each other at […]

Fat Lad’s Tweet Rides – March: @stucowp’s stunner

Despite working a job I love, going home with smile on my face every evening, not a being cubicle slave or ever having to wear a shirt and tie again, there aren’t many perks of the job. However taking home one of these for a ‘demo’ playout in the Lakes has to be one of […]

Fat Lad’s Tweet Rides – April: @Monkeybird13’s Morley Meander

April’s Twitter ride was to have a slightly different theme. All three of my previous willing volunteers were to converge on the fair (no snickering in the back) city of Leeds and I would show them my favourite homegrown trails. One of my twitter followers bailed early on as he wouldn’t make it back in […]

Fat Lad’s Tweet Rides – February: @Cheesekate’s cheesygrinthing

The February tweet up ride was organised with a, quite frankly, scary for me early and efficient manner. Kate offered her local trails as a venue for the second tweet ride. So Wednesday 24th of February saw me tootling down the motorway in Pugsley to the sunny climes of Nottingham.  My only experience of riding […]

Fat Lad’s Tweet Rides – January: @richpips Hayfield Hoot

In my last post I said something like this: Little bit kookier this one. I want to ride with one or more of my Twitter followers each month of the year. I know you’re all spread across the UK (and much further afield) and it will be cool to spread my MTB wings as it […]