Fat Lad’s Tweet Rides – April: @Monkeybird13’s Morley Meander

April’s Twitter ride was to have a slightly different theme. All three of my previous willing volunteers were to converge on the fair (no snickering in the back) city of Leeds and I would show them my favourite homegrown trails. One of my twitter followers bailed early on as he wouldn’t make it back in time for parental responsibilities. Never mind, two out of three isn’t too shabby, I thought to myself.

Tweeter number two then bailed out for truly heart breaking reasons and though I was gutted I geniuinely understood sending my best wishes and thoughts back south. My heart sank as I realised the chances of me fulfilling the goal of riding with a different twitterer each month had pretty much gone. A last minute reply from another Yorkshire based tweeter arrived and my hope soared again. Then, again, with no malice or ill will, he too had to pull out from a riding meet.

I was gutted. I couldn’t even use the @mrsfatlad joker card as her knee is giving her such pain at the moment that a journey under the knife is approaching with saddening inevitability.

Then I had an idea. I texted long term riding partner and sufferer of Fat Lad-isms a plenty; AmyP to see if she would agree.

Ride agreed, all I needed to do was to pedal to hers on the day, set up her twitter account and go riding. So I did:

Once the confirmation was through and I was happy with the entirely arbitrary set of rules I have in my head had been followed we made haste to the hills.

The ride? Well it was the Res Raid which if you search the site has been covered many a time. And it was good.

Was this a cop out or a last minute stroke of genius?

I’ll let you guys decide

Fat Lad

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