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FL in FL: Wednesday

Wednesday Braving the American road systems (they drive on the wrong side of the road someone needs to tell them before there’s an accident!) we zoomed to the quite frankly ginormous parking lot in the not-so-minivan. Outside Cabo’s Tacos I finally got to meet the man/legend Bigworm and we headed inside for some damn good […]

FL in FL: Tuesday

Tuesday The metal bird dropped us in Tallahassee airport via a short stop in Atlanta airport. The stupid o’clock start out of Chicago crushed the spirit and walking through possibly the tiniest aerodrome I’ve been I heard someone call out my name. Al is not an uncommon name on the side of the pond where […]

Fat Lad Reaches Critical Mass: The Ride

We had been in New York City for six days and the hustle and bustle of big city life had been truthfully about 3 days too many. From Penn station we took the overnight Amtrak to Chicago; nineteen hours of one of the last great American train journeys was a faith restoring journey we will […]

Fat Lad is Homeward Bound

If I had to sum up America in one word it would be wow. All my preconceptions and stereotypes have smashed to be replaced by thoughts of the most welcoming, generous and kind people we can now call friends. In such a short space of time we have: Flown across the Manhattan skyline in a […]

Fat Lad Reaches Critical Mass

Men, women, black, white, asian, the old, the young, the very young, punks, hipsters, hippies,  blue collar, white collar, unemployed; they were all there. Road bikes, BMXs, Mountain Bikes, Recumbents, Cruisers, Commuters, Tall Bikes, Rat Bikes, Fixies, Trikes, Trailers, Cargo Bikes, Row Cycles and British Restoration Classics; they were all there. Bells, whistles, clown horns, […]

Fat Lad Has Arrived

We’re here*, despite the best efforts of the job-specific-fuck-you attitude and downright nastiness of US customs and the piss poor music taste death wish yellow cab driver we are here. Whilst we arrived unscathed yet tired, the fine baggage handling miscreant low brow genetic deadends at the airlines however have damaged Mrs Fat lad’s bike […]