Fat Lad’s May

Here is the latest summary of the last four pedaling weeks of my life:

Running Goal – To run at least once a week

So far so good. I *think* I might actually be getting better at it too. Scary thought…

Riding – To Ride 2000 MTB Miles in the Year

Hey, what’s that over there behind you? Was that Elvis riding a singlespeed? What am I hiding? Nothing, nothing at all to see in this paragraph. You must be imagining the following figures:

Miles Needed in May: 201.63

Miles Actually Pedalled in May: 146.52

Miles Now Required Per Month: 209.5


Most recent weigh in had me at 13 stone dead (182 pounds to our Transatlantic readers) [fast show voice] which is nice [/fast show voice] Seems this not eating like a fatty and exercising reguarly might actually be paying off. Maybe theres money to be made in this whole weight loss thing. I bet nobody has thought of that…

Twitter Rides

Another month another few unwitting victims. This rather fantastic chap was Richstwit and he showed me and wozboy some fantastic trails Sheffield way. What’s that? March write up? Hey is that Elvis on a singlespeed?

Fat Lad

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