A Fat Lad Quickie…..

It might be short but it’ll be satisfying…..

Anyways, last nights joint ride brought 40 (thats right four-zero) riders out to pester the good inhabitants of Newmiller…. It was like trying to herd cats in a thunderstorm. But Newmiller is always a good ride. Gezz managed to finish a ride with no mechanicals or major injury which is always good and Pete wore his new shirt which he recieved as Prize for:

BEST LOOKING UNTIL CHIP GOT HERE AWARD – (for the worst dressed rider)

This weekend most of the Bad Brains club will be riding Kona Sleepless In The Saddle (clicky) including my goodself 2 of the other Pootle Crew, stAn and Carol. We riding as Bad Brains Pootle Crew and I’ve gone from crapping myself about it to absolute uncontrollable giddiness now. All being well I’ll be writing up the report while I’m there and if technically possible uploading it too.

Finally, I need my quite literally tens of readers to do me a favour. Jane Tomlinson is riding across America raising funds for cancer charites. A noble act in itself but when you know that Jane has advanced metastatic breast cancer which is terminal you have to admire the strength of human spirit of this quite remarkable woman. Please, please. contact her with kind words of support and encouragment here, and if you can find it in your soul to donate to one of the charities, do, our collective pedal karma will all be better for it. If we all had a tenth of this Yorkshire lass’s drive, spirit and determination, there might just be hope for us all yet.

Fat Lad

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  1. juancho
    Posted August 9, 2006 at 6:26 am | Permalink

    Take no Prisoners Al!

    We will do what we can to support your brave Yorkshire girl too.

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