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Fat Lad and a Very Special Birthday

  On a very rare ride during the shop fit out just over a year ago my phone squawked at me and I pulled up to answer, something I almost never do. Some crisis or other averted I jumped back on and caught up with the group. Mick who runs his own very successful book […]

Fat Lad #30daysofbiking 1/2 way there

“My advice: don’t do it” said a fellow cyclist on twitter to another when asked about 30daysofbiking. “It will make you hate it riding” I’d played with the idea before and Mrs Fat Lad had done her usual “sensible” thing and asked if really I had the time. Then, as it is a Women’s evolutionary […]

Fat Lad Singlespeeds in Cuba

Only two countries before have left such a profound imprint on our being. Something inside changes and always at the back of everyday conscious thought is the hope that someday soon you can make your way back. The first was Scotland; from the opposite city vibes of Edinburgh and Glasgow, to the genuine wilds of […]

Fat Lad’s March 2012

Well hello there, how’s it going? Let me fill you in on what’s happening around here: Ride 2000 MTB miles Mar Miles Needed: 173.45 Mar Miles Done: 62.61 Year Left: 1666.12 Monthly Total Now Required: 185.77 Well, that looks really rubbish doesn’t it. But for once I have a genuine reason. I was in another […]

Fat Lad and The Trail Ahead

The trail ahead rises away. Gradient changes all along it’s back. Sitting in and spinning all the way won’t cut it. There’s times where getting out of the saddle and stomping the pedals is the only way. Legs and lungs burn, not much left in the tank and then it get’s technical. Shift weight, keep […]

Mrs Fat Lad’s Epiphany

My name is Sarah and I was a bike widow For 9 years I have happily sat on the sidelines and watched Al ride day and night through sun, rain, hail and snow. I’ve smiled through gritted teeth when I’ve discovered brake fluid on cream carpets because it was apparently too cold to work outside. […]

Fat Lad’s Sermon

I’ve ridden with friends. Pedalled with MTB journalists. Watched endurance winners disappear over the horizon on my home turf. Taken my beloved Kona transatlantic. Ridden with new friends. Rolled with forgotten friends. Struggled upwards with new acquaintances and blasted down with retired racers. And through it all. It’s all still just grown ups playing out […]

Fat Lad’s February 2012

Well hello there. Come in, grab a coffee, have a browse and then buy something expensive. Sorry slipped into shop mode then. Time for a wee catch up of my twentytwelve goals: Ride 2000 MTB miles Feb Miles Needed: 159.17 Feb Miles Done: 95.47 Year Left: 1734.56 Monthly Total Now Required: 173.45 Well, you see […]

Fat Lad Takes The Hint

No, it’s not that roadies will never trust a chunky bike shop owner. Or even perhaps that growing the remaining bit of your rapidly disappearing hair into a weird quiff/worlds thinnest mohawk is a good idea. Nope, the hints are there. Little clues that changes are coming. Too early for those who understand these things […]

Fat Lad Rides Like a Girl

I love Twitter. I really do. It’s brilliant. I’ve met loads of new friends and it enables me to keep in touch with old ones. If you are a regular attendee of this here virtual bike shop sofa you’ll know that Sarah is riding lots more now. Her enthusiasm is infectious and a nice kick […]