Fat Lad and a Very Special Birthday


On a very rare ride during the shop fit out just over a year ago my phone squawked at me and I pulled up to answer, something I almost never do. Some crisis or other averted I jumped back on and caught up with the group. Mick who runs his own very successful book business told me something that has stuck ever since: “Get used to it mate, once you have your own business you’re never shut…”

It’s been a hell of a year. That very first day, all our life savings ploughed into the shop, it seemed so full but looking back it was so bare. The night before I was there until three in the morning, Sarah forcing me home so one of us could be high level functioning for our first ever day. Friends, good dear lifelong friends, and family all pitched in that very long day to make sure we were ready. We weren’t. I still don’t think we are. Every day we learn something new.

Sometimes I think I’m too thin skinned for this game. I get worked up when the suppliers let me down. We genuinely do move heaven and earth for our customers and it’s usually the ones we work hardest for who let us down the fastest.

The bank manager asked what our goals were, what our expected turnover and profit would be. I don’t think he expected the jeans and t-shirt wearing greasemonkey’s laughter. We worked out what we needed to take every day. We’ve smashed it. By a factor of 6. We had to take the shop next door our repairs are so busy. We had no winter slow down and 1st of May, John will start his journey with us and start his Cytech training.

It’s been bloody hard, but bloody rewarding. I can’t ever see me doing anything else. Today we are one year old. Here’s to a lifetime of Garage Bikes birthdays.


Fat Lad