Fat Lad #30daysofbiking 1/2 way there

“My advice: don’t do it” said a fellow cyclist on twitter to another when asked about 30daysofbiking. “It will make you hate it riding”

I’d played with the idea before and Mrs Fat Lad had done her usual “sensible” thing and asked if really I had the time. Then, as it is a Women’s evolutionary right to do, she changed her mind. “I’ll do it too. We’ll figure something out…”

So far it’s been not what I expected. Honestly I expected to be broken. But I’m not. Neither is Sarah. We’re tired for sure but it’s not been as hard as we expected, and boy, has Sarah’s fitness and cycling strength come on in leaps and bounds.

Thirty days of riding is tough when you’re upping your mileage for an upcoming MTB event, but hey, I love a challenge right 😉

Fat Lad




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