Fat Lad’s March 2012

Well hello there, how’s it going? Let me fill you in on what’s happening around here:

Ride 2000 MTB miles

Mar Miles Needed: 173.45

Mar Miles Done: 62.61

Year Left: 1666.12

Monthly Total Now Required: 185.77

Well, that looks really rubbish doesn’t it. But for once I have a genuine reason. I was in another country for 16 days. Details to follow.

Ride the Colne Valley Challenge in under 4 hours

Preparation for this ride is coming along awfully. It will definitely be an adventure if nowt else.

Blog once a week

Blimy something is going right:

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Week 11: Mrs Fat Lad’s Epiphany

Week 12: Fat Lad and The Trail Ahead

Oh yeah… Sarah and I have agreed to do 30 days of biking. Should be a giggle…

Fat Lad

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