Fat Lad’s April 2012

Hi there, nice to see you again. You didn’t have to get all dressed up just to visit me, hell most of our visitors here often don’t wear more than their boxer shorts…

Ride 2000 MTB miles

Apr Miles Needed: 185.77

Apr Miles Done: 216.40

Year Left: 1384.50

Monthly Total Now Required: 181.94

Well that #30daysofbiking turned out to be worthwhile after all. It’s been amazing how all those little 1/2 hour pedals soon add up.

Ride the Colne Valley Challenge in under 4 hours

Well today was the day. How did I do? You’ll have to wait for the post* 🙂

Blog once a week

Blimy something is going right:

Week 13: Fat Lad’s March 2012

Week 14: Fat Lad Singlespeeds in Cuba

Week 15: Fat Lad #30daysofbiking 1/2 way there

Week 16: Fat Lad and a Very Special Birthday

Keeping all five of my readers happy for another month

Fat Lad

*Unless of course you look up the results or follow me on twitter

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