Fat lad Rides Vicariously

This post was originally to be titled Mrs Fat Lad goes all they way. But I thought better of it…

At the worry of harping on about it Sarah really has got the bug. “What have *you* done to me?” is  a question I get a lot now.

I’ve been riding cycles in one way shape or another now for *mumble mumble* years and with the best will in the world there is only so much enthusiasm for riding yet again in the wet.

But Sarah’s joy de velo is certainly infectious. With a Sunday afternoon suddenly free Gisburn was suggested. Dear Wifey had done the dirt deed there a few times before but only the lower loop. I didn’t suggest doing the full figure of eight, Sarah did.So we went and we did.

Riding with someone new to the game is the best. Go grab a noob.  Go ride your bikes. It might even help to lift the grump.

Fat Lad




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