Fat Lad’s May 2012

Nar then old cock. Getting art much? Gotta keep back legs going tha knows.

Ride 2000 MTB miles

May Miles Needed: 181.94

May Miles Done: 187.58

Year Left: 1267.97

Monthly Total Now Required: 181.13

Another huge chunk over this month’s target. The man is a machine… 😉

Ride the Colne Valley Challenge in under 4 hours

Still on the edge of your seat? Did I do it? Find out soon…
Blog once a week

Yay! (Runs round in circle jumper over head waving arms erratically)

Week 17: Fat Lad is…

Week 18: Mrs Fat Lads 30 Days of Biking

Week 19: Fat Lad’s April 2012

Week 20: Fat lad Rides Vicariously

Si thi then.

Fat Lad

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