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Fat Lad’s May 2012

Nar then old cock. Getting art much? Gotta keep back legs going tha knows. Ride 2000 MTB miles May Miles Needed: 181.94 May Miles Done: 187.58 Year Left: 1267.97 Monthly Total Now Required: 181.13 Another huge chunk over this month’s target. The man is a machine… 😉 Ride the Colne Valley Challenge in under 4 […]

Fat Lad’s Public Service Announcement

Do you have a cyclist in  your life? Have you noticed the following in the past few weeks? Irritability Mood swings Foul language Increased sighing and melancholic staring out of windows Have you heard the following? “F*cking British weather” “Really this rain would put Noah off” “I can’t decide who’s taking the piss more; Mother […]

Fat Lad’s and The Trail Eight Track

A friend of my father who drifted out of our lives as quickly as he’d  floated in; was a man of far out ideas and off kilter thinking. Walking the hills, the sun was shining with full beam nostalgia strength. Yomping across dale, short naive teenager flanked by taller years of wisdom, listens intently to […]

Fat Lad Moans

Summer? What Summer? *Sulk* Fat Lad

Fat Lad and the Christening of Collar Bone Corner

It’s all about momentum. Descending your ally. Keep it on side; a little kick of the pedals here. A push of the bars there. So much comes from so little effort. Ascending momentum a fleeting friend. Pedals turned smoothly carry the relationship for so long. But momentum will flee on all but the briefest of […]

Rider Down

Can you have a connection with someone you’ve never actually met? Through various means of online interaction you follow the days of people you don’t know and are invited to live the existence they choose to share with the digital ether. A rider I never met lost their life in the most tragic of circumstances […]

Fat lad Rides Vicariously

This post was originally to be titled Mrs Fat Lad goes all they way. But I thought better of it… At the worry of harping on about it Sarah really has got the bug. “What have *you* done to me?” is  a question I get a lot now. I’ve been riding cycles in one way […]

Fat Lad’s April 2012

Hi there, nice to see you again. You didn’t have to get all dressed up just to visit me, hell most of our visitors here often don’t wear more than their boxer shorts… Ride 2000 MTB miles Apr Miles Needed: 185.77 Apr Miles Done: 216.40 Year Left: 1384.50 Monthly Total Now Required: 181.94 Well that […]

Mrs Fat Lads 30 Days of Biking

Al was right…….. I don’t often say those words but for once Al was right and I was wrong….. Sometime in the middle of March, Al casually mentioned that he fancied doing 30 days of riding. Me being the sensible (ish) one in the marriage immediately gave him plenty of reasons why it wasn’t a […]

Fat Lad is…

Sick of getting wet. But today was at least a lot of fun getting that way. Biblical rain, soaking riding kit, grinding drive trains and drowned rat friends. Awesome Character building Fat Lad